Data Science, AI and You (DSAIY) is conducting an exploratory research program that includes a semester-long scaffolded course on data analysis and visualization, data science, and machine learning. The course culminates in a funded 2-day (not overnight) healthcare datathon workforce experience at MIT. They provide free PD, monetary support (about $15,000, depending on the level of research), and lots of support from scientists, engineers, and medical professionals, plus in-person and virtual student mentors. Schools receive about $1800 the following year for continued participation. 

Teachers will receive up to $2,100 per year to attend 4 days of PD, a 2-day datathon, and complete research activities. Our researchers will request time to observe the class, interview the teacher, and a couple of students, and distribute short surveys, which include a teacher feedback form.

Course Description:

Healthcare is rapidly changing into a multidisciplinary field. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) have become essential for record keeping and diagnosis in healthcare. Machine Learning (ML), a branch of AI, is critical for accurately developing predictive models that drive research, development, and healthcare practices. Unintentional bias within the datasets and computer programs used for ML creates healthcare outcomes that benefit some people more than others. This course will introduce a unique innovative learning community, as well as a wide variety of learning experiences, to provide students with an understanding of how data science and artificial intelligence create a need for diversity in healthcare.

Data Science, AI and You (DSAIY), is funded by the NSF specifically for RI students. Currently, they are actively recruiting computer science teachers and their schools for the 2023-2024 school year.